Monday, June 27, 2011

A Pancake Party Invitation in Every Color + Another Breakfast Theme Must-See Party

I posted Sherry's adorable Pancakes & PJs party last week, which she did in the bright primary colors for her boys Atticus & Nash! Her request for my design in primary colors was a custom design request that I was happy to design for her. My pancakes & pajamas party invitation has long been a favorite of both mine and customers alike and by now, I've done this design is so many fun color schemes for special requests. I thought I'd share my full line of color options with you, just so you can see all the variations that have come to life from this fun invitation I created over a year ago!

It all started with this design, specially created for a customer of mine. I loved having an excuse to sit down and design from scratch, these homemade pancakes with sprinkles on top! Her color scheme was for her twin boy and girl, so it needed to work for both of them! The aqua, red and lime green was fun & festive and a perfectly unique color combo.

Pajamas & Pancakes Original Invitation by

A "girlier" version was soon a popular request so it was my next version I soon offered in my shop. It's also a great way to show this design for a single child instead of twins:

Pancakes and Pajamas Party Invitation - Pink Green Aqua by

A photo version soon followed, in another softer, pink, purple and green color scheme:

Pancakes and Pajamas Party Invitation - Pink Photo Version

I can honestly say from these versions, I have since created a version in any color scheme you can think of! I love mixing it up and making this for any style requested. I do not sell every color scheme I've made, instead, I wait to see if a certain color palette seems to be requested frequently. I recently went through and picked some of my most popular color combos to be rolled out with tons of my newest invitation designs, so you now have these other fun colors and styles of Pancakes & Pajamas Party invitations to choose from!

Pancakes & Pajamas Party Invitation - Light Purple & Aqua by

Pancakes & Pajamas - Bold & Bright - Photo Invitation by

Pancakes & Pajamas - Hot Pink, Aqua and Black - Photo Invitation by

Pancakes & Pajamas First Birthday Photo Invitation - Blue by

I have to wrap up this post with a link to another adorable breakfast theme first birthday party that I feel anyone who enjoys this theme MUST check out. The Sweetest Occasion featured this on their site earlier this year and I love the vintage feel and the unique ideas for this party! Think red velvet pancakes and a full cereal bar! I love it!

Below are a couple of fantastic images of this party, via, photographed by Christian Cruz.

See what I mean? Get all the party details and a lovely review of this unique party on The Sweetest Occasion's site right here. Happy pancake party planning!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pancakes & Pajamas Birthday Party Inspiration - Adorable Party Photos!

I am so excited to share these AWESOME party photos with you of an adorable pancakes and pajamas breakfast theme birthday party for siblings, Atticus and Nash. Sherry contacted me last month about my Pancakes & PJs invitations, and asked if I could customize my invitation design to be in her primary color scheme and make it work for a sibling party. I was happy to customize this for her so she could have the perfect invitation for her little boys' special day! I also helped her with some coordinating party circle tags and matching thank you notes before the party too. As you will see in the photos she shares below, Sherry did a fantastic job turning this cute theme into an colorful and fun, breakfast birthday event for her boys!

The invitation I designed for her:

You can find this invite in my shop here:

(Stay tuned this week for another post that features tons of other color schemes and formats for my Pancakes & Pajama party invites!)

Sherry welcomed guests to the party with this fantastic balloon wreath she made herself. Great job!

Fabulous stacks of rainbow pancakes! Love it!

More rainbow pancake fabulousness...

Bacon & Eggs treats (chocolate covered pretzels!!)

A close up of the bacon & eggs because do you love this as much as I do?? Adorable!

Everyone's favorite - chocolate milk in cute bottles

Sugar cookies made to look like pancakes! So perfect... (Cookies from Ruth's Sweete Justice in Oklahoma City)

The party room - loving the bright colors and the balloon lanterns hanging are awesome!

Cute and colorful cupcakes, from Target!

Topping bar for the pancakes! Love this idea and tons of fun for the kids!

The kids' craft was making Fruit Loop cereal necklaces!

Birthday boy with his craft!!

Birthday Boys Atticus & Nash enjoying their party and friends!

As favors, the guests received the book "If You Give A Pig A Pancake" along with treats including Yohoo chocolate drink boxes! So cute!

Thank you Sherry for sharing your lovely photos! I know these will be a huge inspiration to so many people planning an adorable pancake and pajamas party! Happy 4th & 2nd Birthday to Atticus & Nash!

Invitation Design: Inkberry Cards
Cookies: Ruth's Sweete Justice, Oklahoma City
Cupcakes: Target
Photos: Sherry Sage

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Totally Cute & Yummy Father's Day Cookies from SugarBelle's baking blog!

Love these father's day cookies from
I've seen lots of cute father's day tie theme cookies recently, but these are definitely at the top of my list as my favorites. Lots of fun to make and you can get step by step instructions, including how to make an easy stencil for the ties on The Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle's baking blog right here! I recently found her blog and keep going back to it for tons of cookie ideas and instructions. I just love it!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Father's Day!